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AU where Sam and Dean switch bodies, y/n? :D


AU where Sam and Dean switch bodies, y/n? :D

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  • Supernatural Seasons 1-3: Oh my gosh! This poor possessed person! We gotta save 'em Sammy!
  • Supernatural Seasons 4-5: Oh my gosh! This poor angel vessel! We gotta help 'em Sammy!
  • Supernatural Seasons 6-9: ~*With a chop-chop here, and a stab-stab there! Here a stab! There a stab! Everywhere a stab-stab.*~
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What we expect to see in season 10

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Sam may very well be stuck in the middle 

[from rusherlife ’s post, you genius :D]

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Let us all take a moment and appreciate the true stars of Season 9.

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Early Supernatural was stale cigarette smoke, one-lane highways, weeping guitars and faded leather. It was campfire stories that kept you awake at night, nostalgia for an era you were never part of. It was grief and daddy issues but it was longing and it was hope.

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A must watch for any SPN fan.

It doesn’t even sound like a word anymore and his just keeps getting deeper!

the one ‘not sammy’ was the best